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Famed Slayers of Ghuunie BTW

<Friendly Banter> has finished the Uldir raid tier! US 95th, Famed Slayers BTW. Good shit everyone! Looking to improve further going into next tier.

  • Racialist

    How do I make the text bigger

  • Shorado

    All caps

  • Racialist

    OH TY

  • Thug Nasty


<Friendly Banter> is now 6/8M in ULDIR after a 10 pull on Mythic Zul. Keep it up guys!

  • Shorado


  • Spork

    Pornhub led me here when I searched "Mythrax fucks 20 virgins".

  • ciscely

    Shorado come back to us =(^_^)=

  • Thug Nasty


<Friendly Banter> officers are checking the recruitment pages daily. If you have any questions you want to ask directly, feel free to send us a message via the guild website.

<Friendly Banter> is currently on Stormrage and is accepting applicants from ALL CLASSES. Cheers!

<Friendly Banter> is officially 5/11M in Mythic Antorus progression. Stay tuned for more updated on Friendly Banter's progression!

Friendly Banter is coming back strong for Mythic Antorus and is accepting ALL APPLICANTS for our Mythic raid team!

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